Arteta: Arsenal have ‘no margin for error’

Mikel Arteta praised Arsenal for coping well with their difficult schedule as they picked up a fourth straight win.

Arteta: Arsenal have ‘no margin for error’

Arteta: Arsenal have ‘no margin for error’

Arsenal put themselves right in contention for a European finish by beating fellow hopefuls Wolves 2-0.

Bukayo Saka scored his first Premier League goal just before half-time, with Alexandre Lacazette getting the last goal towards the end of the second half.

The result moves Arsenal into seventh place, just three points behind their opponents. And before they prepare to face another side pushing for Europe next in Leicester, Arteta maintained that they deserve to enjoy the moment.

Arteta said: “Every game you have no margin for error, we know that we try to win every game.

“Let’s enjoy it a little bit before we start thinking about Leicester and try to go again.

“The race is try to win against Leicester and let’s see what happens. We try to improve as a team.

“It’s probably one of the best wins because of the difficult schedule we’ve had and how well they have been doing all season.

“Winning is not an easy thing to do and it’s another step forward in our process and I’m really happy.

“I said after Brighton [a 2-1 defeat] I was very happy with the effort, I never denied the effort and the intention they were putting in.

“We cannot give anything to the opponent, it’s about competing for 100 minutes. Hopefully we are doing much better and that’ll give us a better chance to win more games.”



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