When is the 2019 European Super Cup AND where can I watch it?

The UEFA Super Cup takes place on Wednesday August 14 and kicks off at 8pm UK time – with BT Sport 2 your go-to destination for live broadcast of the game.

When is the 2019 European Super Cup AND where can I watch it?

When is the 2019 European Super Cup AND where can I watch it?

The UEFA Super Cup is essentially the Community Shield of European competition. It pits the winners of the Champions League against the winners of the Europa League.

That means that this year’s will be an all-Premier League affair, with Liverpool taking on Chelsea.

Where can I watch the 2019 European Super Cup on TV? If you’re in the UK, BT Sport 2 will be your go-to destination to watch a live broadcast of the game.

You can also stream the match via the BT Sport website and app if you are a subscriber to the channel.

If you can’t watch it, you can listen to live commentary on BBC Radio 5 Live.

Where is the 2019 European Super Cup being played? Istanbul is the host city this year, which is sure to make the hearts of Liverpool fans glow. The Turkish capital was the scene of perhaps the most magical night in the club’s illustrious history, when they won the 2005 Champions League after being 0-3 down at half time.

However, it is not being held in the same stadium. The venue for that night was the Ataturk Olympic Stadium, but the UEFA Super Cup is being held at Vodafone Park.

The 42,000-capacity stadium has only been open for three years and is the home of Besiktas.

What is special about the 2019 European Super Cup? Well, quite a lot, as it turns out. For starters, it is the first time in history that is has been an all-English game.

Domestic rivals have contested the match on seven occasions before – the last five of them being from Spain’s La Liga.

The first two were all-Italian contests.

History will also be made in the middle too, with it being the first major European men’s match to be officiated by a woman.

The trailblazer in question is France’s Stephanie Frappart, who said: “I’m very happy, and it was really a surprise.

“I didn’t expect to be given the Super Cup assignment – it’s a great honour for me, and for female referees as well.

“I hope it serves as an example to female referees, and to any young girls who may aspire to be a referee.”

She is no stranger to history-making nights, after also becoming the first woman to referee a Ligue 1 domestic match last season. Her taking charge of the 2019 Women’s World Cup final completes an uber-impressive CV for the 35-year-old.

Will VAR be used in the 2019 European Super Cup Yes, it will. I suspect whether that is considered a good thing or bad thing depends on your already entrenched position in football’s most divisive argument.

Clement Turpin of France will be the video assistant referee for the game.

What are the rules for the 2019 European Super Cup? It’s all very standard stuff, highlighting UEFA’s wish for it to be treated as a very serious competition.

If there is no winner after 90 minutes, 30 minutes of extra time will be played. If there is still no winner, penalties will decide it.

The two coaches can name 12 substitutes but use only three, with a fourth becoming available should extra time be needed.


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