Paul Pogba has not dominated a game since 2013…

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Paul Pogba has not dominated a game since 2013…

Paul Pogba has not dominated a game since 2013…


Pogba is the cherry, not the cake What is Pogba’s best position…that should be a starting point?

“He is a World Cup winner” …” He is a Serie A champions winner” .. this are the numerous excuses being dealt out for Pogba, and at the end, I believe he is not as good as people claim he is.

The last time Pogba played for a team and he was impactful will be the French U20 where they won the World Cup, after that it has been downhill.

Am I hearing Juventus? LOL… People seem to forget that having a midfield core of Pirlo, Vidal, Marchisio allows one to have loads of stinkers. Pogba had loads of stinkers that even Allegri had to call him out.

They will ask what about France?? How many people lose when they play with Ngolo Kante, for heaven’s sake Drinkwater was looking like a Pirlo playing alongside Kante to the extent he got his England call-up…LOL… Pogba has a World Cup medal, but he was passive during the World Cup campaign, You will probably say he won MOTM on the final day. You will be right but a final in which you won 4-1???.

Now coming to Manchester United, they made a giant mistake thinking was the midfield general they needed (For heaven’s sake we don’t even know his best position ). When I tell people that Pogba is the cherry on the cake they think I don’t know what I am saying, no matter the team he has won at, he has never been the main engine or focal point of the team just a support.

Now for a cherry to fill you up like a cake, you probably have to eat or get 8-10 – that’s if you will get filled up.

Now at United, they want to make him the cornerstone of the team…how is that to work?

Read on here about him needing a bigger and larger person (Ego and self-confidence wise) in the dressing room, while I see the point been made, I couldn’t but ask myself how old Pogba is? The world-beaters what were they doing at his age?

A friend recently told me that he is bad at United because the team is mediocre at best and I asked him a simple question… which I want to ask the Football365 readers, the best players you know, don’t they make an average player look good? Which we can all agree is not the case in this case.

Read on here about if we let him go, how are we gonna attract world-class players? I laughed my ass out really, the point is that City is attracting world-class players but couldn’t do so some years back, Liverpool came back from the ruins… Spurs are a constant top four now… United have turned to a commercial fault is not anybody’s problem but United’s, when they remember that on-field success was what created the off-field success then they will wake up or sell to the Saudi Prince. KunleDecastro, MUFC


Why not make an effort for 90 minutes? It just occurred to me (I know, I’m slow) that Paul Pogba, for someone who is allegedly in tune with perception, social media influencing, image, etc, is missing a trick here.

Football players are on show once or twice a week. That’s it. The rest of the time, we don’t know how they’re doing their jobs. They train away from prying eyes, and no one is following them around and filming them at their physio appointments, training runs, 5-on-5 practice matches etc.

So how hard would it be for them, really, to look arsed and bothered, fully focused, dying for the cause, chasing every ball and giving their all, just for those 90 minutes? 90 minutes a week for crying out loud! If you think about it, that is not very much effort. Anyone on this site with a 9-to-5 desk job could easily muster the energy to please the boss for 90 minutes, especially if you knew that the rest of the time, you could take it easy and surf useless websites Football365 all day long.

Aside for those 90 minutes, yes, be as languid, chilled, relaxed as the manager and your team mates will allow. For a finely tuned, young, fit, athlete, it shouldn’t be hard physically to turn it up to 11 for such a small amount of time. As for mentally, well, I’m sure any psychologist would be able to teach you how to stay razor-sharp focused for just 90 minutes.

The Alexis, Pogba and Ozil of this world would have a hugely improved image if they looked bothered during the games. What am I missing here? Mike, Chelsea Blue


Deluded Ed Does anyone else get the feeling that Ed Woodward doesn’t want to cede control of transfer activity at Manchester United? If reports are true and he turned down the chance to give a job to Steve Walsh that certainly gives that impression. Ex players have so far been linked with the role of DOF (or whatever other name you wish to give it) such as Evra, this just looks to me as if he wants to appoint a figurehead with no real power so he can still keep control of the transfer activity.

If this is true then Ed is surely deluded that he is good at this side of the job, and I can see many years ahead of the same kind of panic buys that we have seen in previous years. Chris (MUFC)


England Under-21 thoughts Watched the England U21 vs France U21 game last night…a few random musings on the England team…”conclusions” if you will.

* England actually played well for the first hour. Kept the ball nicely, got into a good shape when they lost it, broke quickly against France’s high line. They created chances, hit the post early on, Solanke should have scored, Gray should have done better when he went through. The penalty aside I didn’t think France created that much in the opening half.

* I thought a big part of the problem was Solanke up front. I thought, seeing as Abraham has played and smashed the Championship this season, where Solanke has mainly kept Bournemouth’s bench warm, Abraham may have got the nod. Nothing that happened in the opening20 minutes changed my mind. Solanke looked rusty, as if he was trying to find his groove. A couple of good moves fell apart because of his poor touch or inability to keep up with his wingers, which to me was a the result of spending a season in the reserves.

* The first penalty was a tough one. Clarke-Salter didn’t appear to be looking at the ball, with his arm raised, which makes it harsh, but probably the right decision.

* Saying that, it gave us a good chance to see Henderson, and what a save. Telegraphed the penalty and got strong arms to beat it away. For the rest of the game, I thought he was excellent. Made a number of high quality saves, was loud, and couldn’t do anything about the two goals (was not far off saving the second, but more on that later)

* Phil Foden looks good. Very bloody good. For such a little guy, his ability to hold onto the ball at speed is wonderful. He is a proper little player. His goal was taken well, and created all on his own

* The sending off was a sending off all day long. Rash challenge, naive, at a time when England really needed to keep their heads. Thought we’d got away with it when France missed, but then the problems started.

* I think the manager got some decisions wrong after the sending off. I do not understand when managers take off their striker and just play with wingers when down to ten men, especially for the last 20 minutes. There’s no outlet, nothing to hold the ball up. And this was England’s downfall – they’d win the ball back or block a shot, pump it long, and no one was there because they were all so deep. I understand you have to be cautious when down to ten men, but with twenty minutes to go, you can’t turn it into an attack vs defence game. Get someone up top as to relieve pressure on your defence and to hold up the ball. Otherwise you’re just allowing the opposition to keep coming back at you, and you can only survive that for so long.

* The first goal was coming. Ikone had gone at England and got onto his left foot time and time again, and he was going to take one eventually. As soon as he came inside I thought “goal” because the defence was so packed into the box in front of the keeper that he had just that extra little bit of time to shift it and get a shot off. Henderson unsighted, couldn’t do a thing. And with extra time looming, another probably eight or nine minutes to hold on.

* I’d say the own goal was unfortunate, but it wasn’t. It was poor. The other night I watched Soccer Aid, and in that game, for the last five minutes, a guy came on who had won a competition to play. I assume Wan-Bissaka won something similar. He was terrible. If this is a £60m player, Man United should price me up. It was one of the worst performance I’ve seen from a footballer. Every time he had the ball he gave it away. For the first penalty, he let the cross go in. For the second penalty, he gave the ball away. For their goal, he gave the ball away from a throw in (again, maybe more to do with not having an outlet). And for the final goal, he tried to clear with his left instead of his right, didn’t listen to his keeper, and in the end, lost England the match. Shockingly bad.

* England have a long way to go now, and I’d be surprised if they make it through to the semis, which they would have had a chance of with a point last night. Ultimately a really disappointing result for the young squad, and they will have to pick themselves up again for the game on Friday, which will be another tough one against Romania. Paul B, QPR


Italy v Brazil musings I just finished watching the Italy Brazil match from the World Cup. This is such a classic rivalry from the men’s game, I was expecting a cracker and wow was I not disappointed. Do not be fooled by the score, or the fact that both teams could have been happy with a draw, because the tackles were flying in from the first minute.

Italy were so committed to playing out from defence even Pep Guardiola would have been screaming “hoof it”. They were deliberately trying to suck the Brazil attack onto them before feeding quick, vertical passes to take advantage of the space this created, and the crispness of the passing was a joy to behold. Barbara Bonansea’s elegant playmaking mode them a threat every time they went forward and only some loose final balls limited their chances. They were already through and the complacency in both boxes showed as they overplayed at times in defence. However if they carry this on, no team will relish facing them.

As to Brazil…. Dependent on individual moments but with no real cohesion. Vadão is a very limited coach who only got the job because his predecessor Emily Lima was screwed over by the CBF. This shows because they are disjointed in both attack and defence. However, Ludmila was lively and Marta isn’t the greatest for nothing. To see her become the top scorer at World Cups was pretty special. Roll on England Japan tomorrow! MN Aditya


On the British bulls*** of Stafford-Bloor Seb Stafford-Bloor’s piece on Baku, Ceferin and UEFA is itself a steaming pile of bluster and bullsh*t. While it is clear that FIFA and Ceferin are corporate mobsters, the UEFA head is right in asking, do the people of Baku and Azerbaijan not deserve to host top level football? Of course Ceferin does not have the best interests of the Azeri people at heart, but that doesn’t mean that games should not be played there; on the contrary! And there may indeed be serious political concerns in Azerbaijan, but it is also complete horsesh*t that British fans give a flying toss about any of them. If they did, would we not have heard talk of boycotting Arsenal’s ground, the fact that Chelsea FC until recently had ‘Fly Emirates’ as their primary sponsor or that the club is owned by a Russian oligarch (to give but examples relevant to the story). Stafford-Bloor is guilty of the same bullsh*t of which he accuses Ceferin. Edward (New York)


…Seb Stafford-Bloor’s nauseating hypocrisy demands a response. England is in no position to criticise countries for human rights abuses. Not since the FA allowed the UAE to use Man City as a propaganda project. This is a country which openly tortures and stones people to death. For the past decade, England has tacitly endorsed human right abuses. It has no voice in any humanitarian discussion, while this situation remains. Nigel. NZ


Everton optimism I loved Sarah Winterburn’s apology about getting Everton’s transfer window wrong last season but, as an Evertonian, could I really blame her (and the rest of you at F365) after the year we had with Koeman at the helm and Steve Walsh running the transfers? Sandro Ramirez anyone? Bueller? Bueller? I think most of us, while cautiously optimistic with Brands and Silva working together for their first time, were concerned about recovering from that disaster of a transfer window. Dare I say it but it seems we may (emphasis on “may”) do so.

Who knew Bernard would turn out to be the tricky winger we’ve needed for the past several years, that Gomes would provide a steady influence in the middle of the park, that Zouma would be our rock in the back and help get Michael Keane turned around and his confidence back? I think enough has been said about Paul Merson’s comment regarding “….Everton ruining the transfer market” after we signed Richarlison for 40M so I won’t pile on. The jury is still out on Mina due to his injuries.

Our hope is that we get players that are good enough to play for the top six but see something different with our club, a chance to play every day, want to be part of building something special at Goodison, and sign on. Yeah I get they may move on at some point down the road but most fans of most clubs are used to that. I know, I know, you’ve probably heard that from someone who supports Everton before (perhaps even me) but we’re hoping that there’s light at the end of the tunnel and that we can finally break that monopoly on the top six. TX Bill (got a lot of players we’ve got to sell, get off the books too) EFC

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