Mediawatch: Liverpool or Spurs the biggest story? Nope…

Dave: The home of sh*tty ranter Forgive Mediawatch for retreading old ground, but we have trawled through Dave Kitson’s Instagram feed this morning to find that a lot of what he put on in his early days has, well, not been deleted at all.

Mediawatch: Liverpool or Spurs the biggest story? Nope…

Mediawatch: Liverpool or Spurs the biggest story? Nope…

Such as this…

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Day 3 of retirement. Starting to get bored..

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…and this….

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I’m not gonna miss from there…

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Oh, and this…

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Breaking News: Danny Welbeck completes his move to my local Tesco.

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It’s just a shame that Kitson’s made himself a target really. Someone should tell him that footballers – secret or otherwise –  have a duty of care to themselves, that they should be a little bit careful with social media, the way they portray themselves.

You see, jealousy is an awful thing amongst the human race. And this seems to be ‘look at my cars, look at my guns, look at my horribly misguided social media post, look at this, look at that, look at me.’ And that’s going to antagonise people.

Now that is no excuse whatsoever for racially abusing somebody. But you sow a seed among people who are not racist, not to like that particular person, because they don’t want to see that in their faces every day.

Isn’t that right, Dave?


Give an Ince, take a mile Paul Ince makes a fair point with regards to Sterling, saying he that he should speak to “someone like me” instead of Gary Neville, “because I know what he’s going through”.

It’s a lovely sentiment, and a welcome olive branch extended to a player who is in need of such support. Well played.

Ince has been nothing but supportive in public, of course. Such as when he told Sterling to remove his gun tattoo “as soon as possible” in the summer, adding that “it doesn’t sit right with me at all”.

“I appreciate that it’s personal preference, but when you think about the gang crime that we have across England, with so many people being stabbed and shot, as well as all the terrorist shootings, it wasn’t the smartest of moves for someone who is so in the public eye,” he added, suggesting that a commemorative tattoo had played a part in the rise of fundamentalist terrorism in the west.

Perhaps it’s best he didn’t pick up the phone.


A fish called Wanda But Sterling is not the biggest story in football on Wednesday. Neither are games that actually happened and meant quite a lot the previous evening. Not really. Not when someone’s wife cried.

The biggest story in football today, according to the Daily Mail and Daily Mirror?

Someone's wife cried.

— Football365 (@F365) December 12, 2018

That story is top of the MailOnline‘s entire football homepage, which is in itself just laughable. The story is 217 words long, and contains seven pictures, five of which are of Mauro Icardi’s crying wife. That is one picture every 31 words.

But that pales in comparison to the Mirror Online, who abandon any and all pretence that this is a football story by including pictures of Wanda Nara not even at the game in question.

Their article is 264 words long – including the word ‘competitition’ – and begins ‘Mauro Icardi’s wife Wanda Nara was left distraught by Inter Milan’s Champions League exit.’ Because that was definitely the story coming out of Tuesday night.

It includes four pictures, two of which are taken directly from her Instagram – Dave Kitson would be mortified – and feature her in scantily clad poses. Mediawatch can only wonder why it is given such prominence.


Mental arithmetic There was of course some actual football on Tuesday evening. And Martin Samuel was at the Nou Camp to watch a ‘DRAW THAT FELT LIKE 10-0’ for Tottenham. Bit much.

But it was an impressive result. And the Daily Mail‘s chief sports writer lays it on thick.

‘And this was a hard job, no matter the XI Barcelona sent out.

‘There really isn’t any such thing as a Barcelona reserve team anyway. Their two wide forwards, Ousmane Dembele and Philippe Coutinho, cost in the region of £275million.’

It is a line echoed by Paul Jiggins of The Sun, who writes.

‘However, Valverde was not exactly playing the stiffs with two of their front three – Philippe Coutinho and Dembele – costing a combined total of around £270million.’

While his colleague, chief sports writer Dave Kidd, also adds:

‘Of course there were still two forwards, Philippe Coutinho and Ousmane Dembele, who had cost the Catalans somewhere in the region of £270million.’

There is only one problem: Coutinho and Dembele cost just over £200m combined. Where does the other £70m come from?


Gerald floored Aside from being afflicted with sports journalism’s chronic maths struggles, Paul Jiggins is also not the best with names.

‘It capped a dramatic night where two matches 600 miles apart were almost played as one,’ he writes in The Sun.

‘Tottenham received a boost one hour and 13 minutes before kick-off when team-sheets were handed in and Barcelona’s starting XI did not include Lionel Messi’s name.

‘Those of Gerald Pique, Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alaba – as well as the injured Luis Suarez – were also absent as Barca boss Ernesto Valverde made EIGHT chances to his team that won 4-0 at city neighbours Espanyol on Saturday.’

Big Gerald Pique, eh? What a player.


Cross dressing ‘It was of course against a much-changed Barca, but no-one should deride Tottenham’s achievement because the La Liga giants are now unbeaten in 29 Champions League games, equalling Bayern Munich’s all-time record’ – John Cross, Daily Mirror.

They lost to Roma seven Champions League games ago. The word you are looking for is ‘home’.


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