Mails: Why do Spurs refuse to take the next step?

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Mails: Why do Spurs refuse to take the next step?

Mails: Why do Spurs refuse to take the next step?

Cynical over Spurs It’s hard not to feel cynical about Spurs right now. I understand that we’re moving into a new stadium and we’re reaping the benefits (kinda?) from the newish training facility and these have been massive investments by the club. We’ve finished within the top three the last three seasons, are making moves through the Champions League and seem to be knocking on the door of that top level of team, but we seem completely unwilling to make that last move to push us to the next level.

Are you telling me that a team who now have a 60,000+ seater stadium, an international presence, top team in London at the moment, who have been getting regular Champions League football three seasons in a row are completely unattractive to these top players? There’s no top player that we could make use of in any position who would fancy a crack at elevating Tottenham under a young, exciting manager with a clear project in mind? I refuse to believe that. The issue surely comes down to frugality being tight. Are there no funds available whatsoever to get even one player in, even with all the TV money going around?

I’m not a Levy hater but I have a feeling that at this point Levy has so little goodwill from anybody that most teams simply won’t even bother engaging with him for a protracted, painful transfer discussion where he offers insultingly lower than the market value of a player, then drags the discussion on until the last day of the window. We can’t even sign an average Championship player!

Admittedly there is the element of the squad being a tight knit group and you don’t want to mess up the dynamic. I understand that. But is there not a single position that needs improvement? We have this saga with Toby where he looks to be out the door, could potentially still go to a foreign league and going by last season Poch likely won’t even put him on the bench. Dembele is still great but his fitness is a concern. Winks slowly coming back from injury, Wanyama knackered his knee again. Who’s left? Sissoko? Give it a rest. Dier sadly is a bit of a liability these days. Eric Dierbility I call him.

Sigh. I don’t know. We have exciting youth I guess, but are they at the right level? Only time will tell. I think I trust Poch still, but I have this fear that Levy promised him the moon to get him to sign a new contract, likely with a high buyout clause knowing that he would be snapped up before long. My prediction is Mou getting sacked by Utd by Christmas, then Utd getting an interim manager until they buy Poch in the Summer. The 75mil we earn from that will probably go to Jack Grealish in it’s entirety. The following season we get Alan Pardew as manager, followed by relegation, followed by death.

It’s fun being a Spurs fan. Pete C THFC (#Levyout?)


…Well, at least we go from strength to strength in the net spend league! I’d imagine it will be looking better still once we see out the transfer window for the rest of Europe… Graham (hoping Poch really is happy).


Defending Spurs Before the deluge of articles and comments about the lack of transfers at Spurs start I figure I’d defend our policy.

Yes, we did not make any signings. True. But who could we have signed to improve the team? And for a reasonable fee. Let’s not talk about signing Bale or anyone licke that, it simply wasn’t realistic and it was a story concocted by the papers to sell a few more copies.

Could we have got an improvement on Lloris? If so, who? ANd how much would it have cost? Obviously it’s a no.

Our centre-backs? Can we really get an improvement on Vertonghen, Alderweireld and Sanchez? I’d say at least two of those are every bit as good or better than any other centre-back in the league. Since decent centre-backs seem to go for about 80mil these days, what’s the sensible thing to do? It is to do what we did and stay put. We also have young excellent players like Foyth and Carter-Vickers coming along as well. Doing just fine, thank you very much.

Our full-backs/wing-backs? We have Rose and Davies on the left, and Aurier and Trippier on the right. Plus, we have Walker-Peters (who’s been super in the preseason) waiting in the wings. Could we have got any actual improvement in those positions? It seems Davies and Trippier are the front runners. They have some limitations, but they’re also superb players. And who was available to improve that position? I can’t think of any. At least unless we’re talking of signing Jordi Alba or Marcelo, but let’s face it – it’s ridiculous.

Our defensive mid? We have Dembele, Dier, Wanyama, Winks, Sissoko and young Amos. 6 players vying for 2 positions. Granted, Wanyama has been having injury issues, and Winks is still recovering from his big injury. Can we get a true significant improvement on Dembele? on Dier? I don’t see who, unless we spend something in the range of 100mil. So, our midfield has plenty of cover with experienced and young players.

Our attacking mid? We’d never get a player better or close to Erikssen for less than 150mil. Can we get someone who gets as many goals and assists as Alli? Or can we get someone who would get us 20 goals per season, like Son does? Where? Who are those players? Not to mention that we have Lamela and Moura backing them up. 5 players for 3 positions. No reasonable way to improve the team, so no need to waste money.

Our attack? Should we spend over 50 mil to have a backup sitting on the bench while Kane plays? We already have that with Llorente. He doesn’t score much, but he doesn’t play much either. And there’s always Janssen to keep the seat warm if needed. In fact, Son seems to be the natural replacement for Kane when he’s injured or not available. And he’s done remarkably well. Pundits and fans keep saying that we’ll crash and burn when Kane is out, but everytime he’s been out we’ve consistently scored goals and won games for the past 3-4 seasons. Not worried at all.

All this talk of how wonderfully Liverpool did in the market this year. Sure, they did fine. But they needed to. It was clear they needed a new goalie, it was clear they needed replacement midfield. We finished comfortably above them for the past 3 seasons and our needs weren’t so pressing. Same goes for Man United, why the hell did they need Alderweireld? They have 20 decent centre-backs already. You can only put out 11 players on the field, and you might only resonably use about 20 players during the season.

I’m very happy with the way we’ve done business. We did not get worse, and considering that our players are all very young we actually got better, more experienced and more tuned into Pochettino’s system – and that system works. Every year we’ve progressed, and I expect nothing less this year. We will put out – Lloris, Trippier, Davies, Vertonghen, Sanchez, Dembele, Dier, Alli, Eriksen, Son, Kane – and we’ll have the likes of Moura, Lamela, Winks, Alderweireld, Llorente, Rose, Aurier, etc on the bench. I’ll take that and guarantee that we’ll get just as many points this year if not more at our new stadium. And i’ll guarantee that we’ll stack up quite well against any PL team except perhaps City (but who would?). Patrick (THFC), don’t worry about us, we’re content, we’re confident, we’re ready for the new season, and when you visit us you’ll lose…


Why United needed centre-backs I am sure you will get plenty of emails regarding Uniteds transfer dealings…… here is another one.

A mailboxer asked why United need another centre half when we already have an EU surplus, well the short answer is that they are not that good. Smalling and Jones are nowhere near the standard required if you want to compete at the top end. Rojo improved but caught a nasty injury and Mourinho has never quite trusted him. Bailley and Lindlehof are worth taking a chance on but need to play alongside a top quality, confident ball playing CB. Alderwiereld, Maguire, Godin (what were they thinking?) could of been that main man at CB and they managed to balls it up. The guy is desperate to get out of Spurs, Leicester sign 2 new CBs and they still cant get either of them signed.

Lots of theories being knocked around about them not backing Mourinho etc. and trying to undermine him before the season. I see it the other way round. Get the quality in now and see if he can make it work. If not you still have a quality CB, you have got rid of 3 average CBs and Mourinho cant blame lack of backing when it goes tits up. Which it will do… about October I reckon. Plato MUFC


One reason United had a great window I have spent every season worrying about losing our one world class player. With Real Madrid signing Courtois, I am glad for it seems De Gea stays for years to come.

In the past few years, we had De Gea who has given us magical moments and I am super excited to cherish them for the next few.

May Courtouis succeed at Madrid and be their mainstay for years to come. Sudarsan Ravi


Revelling in United’s misery As a Pool fan, I’ve allowed myself to enjoy the transfer window part of the summer (Pool buying players we need – yay! Jose spitting the dummy – double yay!!), and as there is now a debate in the mailbox re: Jose vs Man Utd, I thought I’d chip in with my two bob. Because who doesn’t want that?!?

1) I’ve read that it would cost Utd 12 million in compensation to bin Jose. Considering Liverpool got this much for Danny Ward (their 4th choice keeper), I’d say this is not a consideration. This isn’t the price of a player to a club like Utd, it’s barely even an agents fee. So no, Ian, Stavanger, I don’t think Mr Woowar is ‘playing Jose’ or sacrificing a season, not for the sake of 12 million quid. He’s not the evil genius you’re looking for.

2) I’m much more inclined to agree with Paul, and say that Ed & Co simply don’t want to spend a fortune on ‘Jose players’ when they reasonably expect him to do one very soon.

3) I haven’t got this statistic at my fingertips, but I’m sure I remember reading that De Gea made almost twice as many saves last season as Ederson. I certainly remember many Utd fans in this mailbox stating the reason their defence was so good last season was because “Dave Saves”, not because “Young & Smalling Are The New Baresi & Maldini”. Maybe Jose is trying to buy a defender to stop shots before Dave has to?

4) If Jose does go, I can think of at least three readily available candidates: Zidane; Antonio Conte (please make this happen, Jose’s head would explode); or, for the bargain compensation price of just six million….Rafa Benitez!!! Go on Ed, you know you want to… Stewart, LFC, Chicago (Man Utd to win 3-0 on Friday & everyone to go very quiet)


City satisfied After the enormous amount of expectation accrued from the predictions it was oddly comforting not to see any city mention in the transfer window winners. That just goes to show how much city have made successful transfer dealings their norm. No big players agitating or being wooed, not even the usual Aguero rumours, can you even imagine KDB doing a Pogba/Couthino? Admittedly a few bids turned down but not for bad reasons, can’t blame Jorghino for following Sarri. Not trying to say it was A Great Window but with the addition of a recent player of the season, squad stability, a good crop of youth who now might get a few more games, and with ‘new signing’ Mendy who could be terrifying at left back and allows a proper back 4, it certainly feels like a good window. Looking forward to every game and expecting there to be quite a few to play James, MCFC


One way to fix the window Here’s one for you…

Everyone in the media loved this idea of an early transfer deadline at the time it was announced, it made perfect sense…suddenly there are celebrities whinging about it right left and centre just because loads of deals aren’t being don’t to make things exciting for them.

The deadline date – I think if they stagger it correctly it would work wonders for the lower leagues.

Give the Premier League a deadline today, then make the Championship’s next week for instance, League One the week after, and League Two on the 30th.

You can buy from anyone, but after the deadline has passed, that’s your lot, you can only sell.

What it would mean is that if on League One Deadline Day, Peterborough spunked £500k on say a Newport County midfielder, Newport then have a week to invest that cash on their playing staff –mainly 1st team no doubt – without any gazumping from clubs higher up the pyramid hoovering up talent just for potential or for the subs bench. So Newport can go acquire a Non League striker (who may have been eyed by say Accrington in League One) without fear of a League One side improving the offer or terms, and then the player only has the option of staying where he is or moving to that Newport side.

So much talent is wasted in reserve sides, this would hopefully reduce the hoovering up of talent for loans and farming out to other clubs. Thom, Newport (Coincidentally).


Wait and see with Everton I saw a fan yesterday who was unhappy with a late signing his club had made, but, as he said, ‘a signing is a signing’, as if getting new players in is somehow success in itself. I am not saying Spurs got it right, because I don’t know, but as a Man U fan, I am quite OK with yesterday’s outcome. This will force things, so that Mourinho either plays the (good) players we already have or goes. I think Everton fans were happy yesterday evening, but doesn’t this seem very similar to what happened last Summer? Lots of new players in and a new manager…. I don’t remember that going the way they wanted. I wonder which club will receive a huge offer from one of the European giants first… Andreas (Maguire better not score) Brussels


Wolves’ worry I’m pretty excited to watch Wolves this season, not just because they’ve made some shrewd signings, but because my fellow mexican, Raúl Jimenez, will be leading the line. The squad looks great but I’m a bit worried if they expect Jiménez to be the main source of goals. Jimenez had his breakthrough season in Mexico as a striker in a front two, his partner was Chucho Benitez (some of you might remember him, he played one season for Birmingham in the BPL before tragically dying at 27 years of age). Jimenez threw his weight around, won the ball, flicked it, but Benitez provided the goals. Jimenez went on to play (in the loosest sense of the word) for Atletico Madrid, where he only got a single goal, a header. He was then paired up with the ridiculously prolific Jonas at Benfica, and he did reasonably well, winning the league twice but scoring a measly 18 goals in 80 games in the league.

He reminds me of Giroud in the World Cup: a good player, a tall striker who works hard, is a good header of the ball, and loves an assist (this one is particularly filthy) but not a great goalscorer. I trust Nuno knows what he is doing, because Jimenez was a particular request from him. I don’t watch the Championship so I don’t know what formation Nuno has used but unless he pairs Jimenez with a more prolific player, they will struggle for goals. Rd (On the other hand, I sadly expect Chicharito to be behind Arnautovic and Lucas Perez in the pecking order) Mexico


Pray for Potter Imagine appointing a promising young manager in Graham Potter, making a good start to the season, and then killing any optimism by going and selling/loaning half your first team out on deadline day without replacing them.

Swansea have one senior centre back at the club in Van der Hoorn, one decent central midfielder in Tom Carroll, and one fit senior striker in Mcburnie. The owners, and the less said about them the better, are really taking a massive risk and Potter will have to work miracles to keep them up let alone push for promotion.

We really might just do a Sunderland! Simon


Bored of the Premier League already We all know reality of a six team mini-league at the top of the premiership. The starkest proof lies in the bookies odds to win the title. Arsenal are deemed the weakest at 20/1 so I asked the office who was next and what the odds are. No one got near, not even close, the answer is Wolves at 250/1. Bored already, I wish they’d hurry up with a European super league so the top six can bugger off and things can at least be interesting again. I think I’ll watch the Championship this year. Foreman


Window musings Some things that may have fallen under the radar on deadline day and transfer window in general.

Leicester have unbelievable options at centre back. They signed three centre backs this window. THREE and kept Maguire. Plus still have Morgan.

The three they signed were all quality and I’ve no idea who they will choose Friday night. The fact they are playing Jose’s Utd is slightly ironic.

Everton had a phenomenal deadline day. Right? Well, the biggest issue they had last year was not replacing Lukaku.

They may have signed some cracking wingers, midfielders and defenders but this problem remains. Very strange considering the money they had to spend.

Newcastle made a net profit. As a toon fan I know full well about this and it defo hasn’t slipped under the radar but the general public may not realise.

A team that was branded a Championship team all last season. A team that didn’t have the signings it needed this time last year and no January signings.

If you look at Fulham and Wolves spending £100m on 11 new players this puts what Ashley has done over THREE windows into perspective.

The man went on Sky and told the world that “Rafa will have every penny generated”. Rafa hasn’t. Ashley lied and must be called out on this on a national scale. The Ginger Pirlo


…Couple of observations on what seemed a mercifully low-key transfer window:

Firstly, Everton have done very well and significantly improved their squad – on paper at least. They’ve paid big money but what do I care. Energy and youth added in all areas, and more or less all incoming players have been linked with clubs a bracket or two above Everton in recent windows, including this one. Obviously they’ve been here before with a raft of new players expected to improve them massively but this time they have, in Marco Silva, a guy who has already shown that he can make a bunch of misfits click and do so quickly. Expecting Everton to surprise and scare many a team this year.

Secondly, I think it was Mourinho who said a year or two back that the problem with an inflated market was not the stupendous fees for elite players, because they will usually pay for themselves over the years and are usually quite good at the old football. The problem he predicted would be in lower-tier players going for wild sums. This absolutely looks to be the current reality based on my cherry-picked example of the five players Leicester have signed for between £10m and £20m: James Maddison (20m), Ricardo Pereira (17.5m), Filip Benkovic (13m), Rachid Ghezzal (12.6m), Danny Ward (12.5m). I’m sure some or all of these will work out well and be very good players for Leicester. My meaningless point is that the going rate for players not in the elite bracket has jumped up a fair bit in the past few seasons. Doug (pssst, scouts, you can still get an absolute bargain in the SPL) Glasgow


We’re to blame The transfer window is over and I’m honestly just relieved and grateful to stop being the victim to tabloid websites convincing me to click on them. The total peach was that grainy/cropped photo of Alderweild and Willian in United shirts. (While we’re on the subject, why are all leaked photos grainy and cropped? As if the photo was taken by a spy hurriedly with security in hot pursuit right before he flung himself out of a window and escaped into the dark street below).

The big signings Ed Woodward has made this summer have all been on the sponsorship side of things. It’s crowed about on United’s official twitter like us fans are going to go dancing down the streets with our friends, pinching ourselves, and shaking our heads with pride and joy.

Ed Woodward even said “To be perfectly honest, we can continue to keep profits high without it being affecting by the players or playing of the team” or something like that anyways.

This got me thinking, all of the clubs that we love and give our private lives to so passionately are really just businesses. The club is celebrating sponsorships, and the sponsors are saddling onto our teams because they are counting on us fans to support the team through thick and thin. This means that United can get by fine with disappointed, enraged fans because they will all tune into the games regardless of the quality of football. If one of us talks of not wanting to watch United anymore, the rest of us are there to shame them into “not being a fair weather fan” or “supporting through thick or thin”.

This won’t be a popular opinion, but it seems the best thing for our clubs to actually improve their football and reach for greater heights is for us to stop supporting through thick or thin, to stop keeping the TV on even when the team performance is dreadful to be fair weather. Isn’t the whole point of professional sports to watch athletes do amazing feats we could never do? If they are all playing lazily or poorly or they simply aren’t good enough to wear the shirt than why watch them? Especially when you realize that us loyally watching them is just ensuring that we will continue to watch the same quality of football for years and years to come? I don’t blame United or Ed Woodward. They’ve got a business model and it’s built on our blind loyalty. But maybe we should look at ourselves. If we were as capitalistic as the people that run our clubs than we might have better more ambitious teams to watch. That said, excited to tune in for the season opener tomorrow! Noah, MUFC (can’t help myself)


It’s 2006 again North London club moves to new stadium and transfer activity plummets. Happy St Totteringham day 2019 everyone. Balham Gooner


Robins taking flight I’d just like to congratulate both Bobby Reid and Joe Bryan for securing premier league moves. It’s great to see two lads who have come through the academy at Bristol city go on to better things and enjoy a season at least in the premier league. (Bobby might not be a great fit for Cardiff but he deserves the crack).

Either way it’s fantastic to see City producing these lads and highlights the great work of the club and hopefully a generation can come through together and get Bristol City into the premier league…..finally. Not convinced it’ll be this season but soon enough the clubs strategy will get them over the line.

One last note for Ted, Manchester. You fight the good fight my man. Although maybe don’t take all this stuff so seriously. Gary, Bristol (Fully fledged Fulham PL fan for this season, what a line up they’ve got).


Big Weekend‘s little brother Fulham-Crystal Palace. Judging by their summer spending, it’s Fulham that should be called Palace and Palace called the Cottagers. Using the Guardian’s figures, Fulham fell just ₤10m short of matching the outlay of their West London neighbours in blue. In fact, counting loan players, their newcomers might make up all but one of a quality XI by themselves. The ones to watch tomorrow are central midfielder Jean-Michaël Seri, impressive in preseason, and Alexander Mitrovic, getting another shot at the top flight. And then there’s Palace, whose biggest outlay was on Cheikhou Kouyaté. Their most important signing came for free, but midfielder Max Meyer probably won’t be available yet. The most interesting potential matchup here should be Fulham’s playmaker Tom Cairney against Luka Milevojevic. How physical will Hodgson’s men play against Slavisa Jokanovic’s slick on-the-carpet approach?

Bournemouth-Cardiff City. The Bluebirds are everyone’s choice to go straight back down, and it’s hard to argue. Remember, though, Bournemouth have been notoriously slow starters in the Premier League. Neil Warnock’s side actually match up against them pretty well. The Cherries have always been vulnerable to the counterattack, and last year were in the bottom five in aerial duel percentage. Those are two of Cardiff’s strengths. The visitors’ most familiar name is Junior Hoilett, now 28, ready for his third and maybe final go at the Premier League. Sol Bamba will be worth watching either at centre-half or holding midfielder, and former Bristol City stalwart Bobby Reid is ready for his close-up. For Bournemouth, neither Jefferson Lerma (too early) nor Diego Rico (carryover suspension) will be ready, but young Wales international David Brooks could see action. Look for a fast and entertaining match.

Watford-Brighton & Hove Albion. Raise your hand if you have the slightest clue what Watford are up to. They sold Richarlison for ₤40m, and proceeded to blow it all on. . .nothing. Their biggest signing was Gerard Deulofeu, who joined two months before the Brazilian left for Everton. Adam Masina might displace José Holebas at left-back, Marc Navarro could see time on the other side, and Ben Foster still has a few miles left, but if most of that money is somewhere in the Caymans, Hornet fans have a right to be upset. Brighton supporters are north of ecstatic after another Europe-heavy transfer window, although only left-back Bernardo is sure to start on Saturday. With José Izquierdo not quite ready, expect Jürgen Locadia to be an important counterattacking weapon. Javi Gracia might start both Troy Deeney and André Gray, but with Brighton probably sitting deep, this one should be a slow burner Peter G, Pennsylvania, USA

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