Kieron Dyer on Lampard and Rio sex sessions

Kieron Dyer has attempted to explain how video footage of him, Frank Lampard and Rio Ferdinand having sex with girls in Ayia Napa ended up in the News of the World.

Kieron Dyer on Lampard and Rio sex sessions

Kieron Dyer on Lampard and Rio sex sessions

Dyer’s book is being serialised in the Daily Mail and it tells the story of the summer of 2000, when Dyer was among several players in Ayia Napa and behaving badly.

He admits they behaved appallingly, and claims they did ‘not give a sh*t’ when a British newspaper branded them ‘animals’ for their behaviour.

But the News of the World then got hold of footage of him, Lampard and Ferdinand having sex with various girls and his mother was not very happy.

Dyer now claims that he was not aware that he was being filmed.

‘Rio brought some friends with him and they were in charge of the camcorder. They filmed everything. One night I was having sex when one of Rio’s pals came into the room and started filming us on the group camcorder. I hadn’t set it up and it wasn’t done with my consent,’ claims Dyer.

‘When we realised, I jumped off the girl and told the guy to get lost. It was completely wrong. The girl was mortified. I apologised profusely and took her to get a taxi back to her hotel.

‘There was another night when Rio and Frank and a couple of others took some girls back to their room. The girls knew there was a camera filming and they were up for it. They were all filmed having sex in the room.

‘I’m certainly not trying to portray myself as an innocent party. I was having a good time. My actions didn’t show a lot of respect to the woman involved but I wasn’t complicit in secretly filming her. Nor did Frank and Rio secretly film anyone. No one was tricked into anything they didn’t want to do.


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