Guardiola professes love for Tottenham, Liverpool, Zaha

Pep Guardiola has admitted his fondness for Tottenham, “magnificent” Liverpool and Wilfried Zaha.

Guardiola has taken the Premier League by storm in his second season at Manchester City, winning the title by a record-breaking 19 points.

Tottenham and Liverpool failed to keep the pace with the champions, finishing third and fourth respectively.

Manchester United ended as runners-up, and Guardiola has praised Jose Mourinho as “a huge competitor”.

“Since the beginning I enjoy playing Tottenham. I like a lot how they play,” he told Sky Sports.

“Liverpool is magnificent. I suffer against Jurgen Klopp in Germany. The transition to attack inside is so quick. They learnt a lot from last season.

“Last season Chelsea were outstanding. We learned about playing five at the back, the movement. I think a lot of teams copy Antonio Conte teams.

“Of course Jose [Mourinho] is always a huge competitor. His teams, how they convince them to be their teams, I admire the big quality teams and the qualities they have.”

The Spaniard also took time to hail Crystal Palace winger Zaha.

“I like Crystal Palace with [Wilfried] Zaha and other players,” he added.

“I enjoy watching football and different teams and the players they have.”


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