‘Get in you f***ing Spurs’ and more mails…

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‘Get in you f***ing Spurs’ and more mails…

‘Get in you f***ing Spurs’ and more mails…


Spurs thoughts 1. Give Eriksen what he wants – he sees angles that would make Pythagoras blush.

2. I feel for Kyle Walker-Peters. At fault for a needless goal, but thrown into a high-pressure match by necessity too soon. He needs more playing time and to bulk up, but he made a possibly goal saving block…I just fear he may be just a level below what’s needed for an aspiring title-challenging club.

3. Whisper it, but Dele’s month off injured may be the best thing to happen to him – he clearly needed a break, and his work rate was phenomenal as he strayed between Barca’s lines, tracked back, sought the ball and continues to look more like the player of 18 months ago.

4. Why didn’t Alderweireld start the NLD?  imagine it was to be rested for a night like tonight given the absurd schedule faced by Spurs in the last two weeks, and week ahead.

5. Did I mention we should just give Eriksen what he wants? He’s so full of angles he refracts light.

6. How did we score only one goal? 17 chances, twice as many on target as Barca – thanks to Inter for f**king it up.

7. No goal for Kane, but a great pass leading to the goal and he’s beginning to look somewhere close to the pre-April-ankle-and-World-Cup-knack version that isn’t real…

16. I don’t know how you do 16 conclusions… Dan James, contented Spur, grateful to Inter for ‘Spursing’ it up


Sexy Spurs Spurs equalizer, started with Danny Rose passing to a teammate in his own area, then played to Hugo Lloris, ball never leaves the floor, four or five touches in their own area, worked forward on the floor, goal. Holy smokes that was amazing. Matt Carr


…That’s two years running now we’ve overcome a so called group of death in Europe. I’ll probably never get used to it, but Spurs taking the game to Barca at the Camp Nou was ace. I know that Messi started on the bench, and Suarez was absent, but we could have stolen that at the end and (say it quietly) Poch is perhaps a little disappointed we didn’t actually win. We had a couple of moments there to do it. Regardless, we’ve beaten Chelsea, Inter and Barca in the last couple of weeks, with a hell of Derby in the middle. FOOTBALL!

Incidentally the noise I made for Harry Kane’s pass for Rose (to blaze over!) was positively obscene for a Tuesday night. The cat did not like it one bit.

Get in you fucking Spurs. Jon, Lincoln


Sissoko so good That performance alone was worth the 30 mil. Absolute beast of a performance in three different positions. Throw in a bossing of Messi to boot. Who would have thought it even a few months ago at the start of the season? Huge credit to Sissoko and Poch (as ever) for the turnaround. Stephen, Hertfordshire (always knew he was going to come good. Never in doubt. Ever. Er….) THFC


Hailing Henderson You just cannot be happier seeing the way Liverpool play with strategy and self belief. Salah is back to his best. Matip was incredible. What a pool of talent we have from bench too !!

But special praise to a selfless and not an elegant looking player. I thing Hendo had a game of life. Looked bloody brilliant. Winning the ball again and again. Made some critical interceptions. What a player to have in the team. I have no doubt that 10 years down the line he will be remembered as one of unsung legendary heroes of Liverpool.

Kudos to a complete performance Mr Captain! Arsh, LFC, YNWA (This is already our year)


…and Alisson Given that finale I’m sure you’ll get so much love for Alisson, and he deserves praise. As does every player. But I don’t think I can give much higher praise than to confess that I think I’m starting to realise how Man U fans must feel about DDG, and it’s so so good! Every lad did his bit to a man, but that moment encapsulated heart in mouth/euphoria within a heartbeat. Bring on DDG & Co! Bizzle (4 month anniversary today x)


…and Salah Just would also like to say that today I think I decided I love Salah more than I did Suarez. Suarez was amazingly skilful and was awe inspiring at times. I don’t think many footballers on earth can do what Suarez does (no bitey mcbiterson jokes needed). But Salah is glorious, he seems lovely and his little no celebration thing is starting to entertain me. Balotelli once said he doesn’t celebrate goals because it’s his job. He wasn’t good enough to get away with that comment but Salah can justifiably say he doesn’t celebrate because he scores so many. He’s just total magic. Minty, LFC


Defence? This is mental So, can anyone tell me that 18 months ago, we’d have heard the following without p***ing ourselves laughing.

Liverpool get through a difficult last group game against a strong European side in the champions League because of their brilliant defensive record.

Thought not. What’s going on? Rob, Gravesend


Happy to keep those teams in Champions League Not sure why Spurs and Liverpool fans think Arsenal and Chelsea fans are annoyed they both went through last night. I’m personally delighted. The joke rule which sees CL failure drop into the EL, would have meant the competition was much harder to win had they both been “relegated”. And it’s not like either of them will win the thing. You crack on guys. Brad Smith


All hail Porto I expect this morning’s mailbox to be dominated by jubilant Liverpool and Spurs fans – and fairly so based on the events of yesterday

However, I would like to draw some attention to the domestic champions hailing from the Iberian Peninsula that have topped their CL group unbeaten… and I’m not referring to FC Barcelona.

FC Porto are quietly having a fantastic campaign in the CL, having amassed five wins and one draw in their group. Yes, arguments can be made that their group isn’t the most difficult in comparison to the fabled ‘group of death’ that the champions of France have topped, but nevertheless Porto have not only performed to the standard that the top seed of a group should, and far exceeded it.

In Moussa Marega (registered a goal in his last five consecutive CL games), they have finally added support and an alternative to Aboubakar, whose injury heavily impacted Porto’s ability to trouble Liverpool in the R16 last year.

I’m not suggesting that Porto will win the CL, but it’s refreshing to see that, at the time of sending this email, all the teams that have qualified for the CL as domestic champions (FC Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain and FC Porto) will be seeded in the R16 as group winners. This is the Champions League, domestic champions should be setting the pace/be at the forefront of this tournament.

The Estadio Dragao isn’t the easiest place to go for a knockout game (Pep will testify to that) – outside of Atletico Madrid and Liverpool, I would have Porto as favourites against whomever they draw – Spurs and Man Utd inclusive. Natty


Call it off! I was wondering whether it would it be possible for Theresa May to step in and cancel Sunday’s Liverpool v United game, as I believe there’s a very good chance United will lose. Could it be postponed until such time that a more favourable outcome is likely for United, after Jose has left or 2022 maybe? Carl (Tinkety tonk and down with racism) Oldfield MUFC Southport

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