Carragher, Neville react to ‘exciting’ Premier League news

Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville have reacted to news of the Premier League’s imminent return.

Carragher, Neville react to ‘exciting’ Premier League news

Carragher, Neville react to ‘exciting’ Premier League news

It was confirmed on Thursday evening that the Premier League had set June 17 as a ‘provisional restart date’.

Aston Villa will play Sheffield United on that date, a Wednesday, while Manchester City take on Arsenal, before a full set of fixtures over the subsequent weekend.

Carragher expressed his relief at the news on Friday morning.

“I was excited for it. It’s probably similar in some ways to when the season starts back again in the summer,” he told Sky Sports.

“It did give you that little bit of excitement and buzz that its coming back.

“At different times since we’ve been off I’ve been confident we’ll come back and I’ve been worried whether we’ll resume. It’s felt like a huge task to get over all the obstacles so I think the Premier League deserves huge credit.

“I don’t think it’s been easy at all. But when you set that date in stone it gives us something to look forward to.

“It’s not just about being excited about it coming back. It’s a serious situation for a lot of clubs in terms of staying up. It looks like games on every day, different times. We’re going to be very busy and that’s what we want.”

Neville praised the role of Crystal Palace chairman Steve Parish in helping facilitate the proposed return.

“I agree with Jamie,” he said. “In the initial phase I was sure the Premier League would come back, then four or five weeks ago I think a lack of leadership and communication cast doubt.

“I do feel a big moment was Steve Parish coming out and doing that piece that he did that weekend. He was the first person to come out with any authority and speak with any sense.

“You look at the fixtures, you look at the games. I still hope and pray everything moves safely right the way through. The Bundesliga has helped giving confidence.”

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