Carragher makes intriguing point about Klopp, Liverpool

Jamie Carragher has suggested Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp could use their final games as preparation for next campaign in lieu of a full pre-season.

Carragher makes intriguing point about Klopp, Liverpool

Carragher makes intriguing point about Klopp, Liverpool

Liverpool can guarantee their first Premier League title with six more points – although it ‘almost certainly’ won’t happen at Anfield.

The Reds could theoretically have five or six games left at the end of the season with nothing to play for themselves, and Carragher feels they could be used as “preparation” for the 2020/21 season as there will be a shorter break between campaigns.

“Listen, Liverpool have won the league,” he told Sky Sports. “Gary just joked before about Liverpool losing every game; I honestly think Liverpool would still win the league as Manchester City would have to win all theirs.

“Jordan Henderson has come out plenty of times in interviews to say ‘it’s not won yet, it’s not won yet.’

“Players know they can’t say it publicly because there’s nothing worse than just saying it and coming across as confident and cocksure. You never take anything for granted.

“The position Liverpool are in, it’s just what game it happens in. I think the Liverpool players now, it’s just get it won as quickly as possible.

“It’s an interesting one from Liverpool’s point of view because if they do win the league in the first couple of games they are one of few teams who have nothing to play for, so it’s a case of how Jurgen Klopp approaches it.

“Will he use it as a preparation for next season to use his squad? There won’t be as much of a break. That will be interesting.”

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